6 bottles of wine (Discovery Club) - £5.99 delivered
6 bottles of wine (Discovery Club) - £5.99 delivered

6 bottles of wine (Discovery Club) - £5.99 delivered

6 bottles of wine (Discovery Club) - £5.99 delivered

Congratulations on making the very clever decision to join the Discovery Club. You can now look forward to discovering new and exciting wines without any hassle. And as a welcome gift here are 6 bottles of wine which we know will go down a storm. All our wines are 100% guaranteed - if you don't like a wine, you don't pay. Simple! This is an introductory offer and limited to 1 case per customer.

How we put it together?: These 3 wines are certain to be a hit. With a big, powerful Aussie red, made from the classic Châteauneuf blend of Shiraz and Grenache this is ideal for a dinner party. But, since it's free, why wait - enjoy with your BBQ. Chilled Rosé is incredibly food friendly and is great with lighter summer meals. The Ancora is dangerously more-ish and is one of the most refreshing wines we've found. Finally, why not just chill-out with the Loire Sauvignon. Great summer drinking and a fantastic aperitif.


even better than the deal earlier today cheers edi :thumbsup:

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Thanks joggerspark :thumbsup:

[SIZE=2]Has anyone been with Virgin Wine or Discovery Club before ?[/SIZE]

I've bought from Virgin Wine, but I didn't feel like joining the Discovery Club, I think it's quite expensive, but really good if you are a wine buff. I'm just an occasional wine drinker, so I didn't fancy it.

Nice find edi Thanks just under a £1 a bottle

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How about leaving the club emma, esp after getting these six ones ?


even better than the deal earlier today cheers edi :thumbsup:

edi you beat me to it again!

don't now about virgin but I have used thesundaytimes wine club. With them cancelling your seasonal offer is very easy just a phonecall and its done...:)

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Thanks guys & gals... I have ordered mine.

The T&C's clearly state that I can leave the club at anytime. More than anything I trust Virgin.

I was worried cancelling would involve phoning up and explaining why I didn't like the wine to a high pressure salesman, but the T&Cs say:

13.5 You can hop-off the Plan at any time by replying to our email within 7 days of its arrival, instructing us to skip your next case. If we don't hear from you, we will deliver the case of wine and charge your credit or other card for the offered price of the wine plus delivery.
13.6 Should you wish to cancel your membership of the Plan, you may do so at any time by notifying us in writing to the address in 14.5, or emailing us at [EMAIL="[email protected]"][COLOR=#000000] [email protected][/COLOR][/EMAIL].

There is no 14.5 (it skips from 14.1 to 15) which is a bit worrying... but that's still two easy email ways to cancel and they're not charging you any more without 7 days notice so I guess I'll give it a try unless anyone has a bad experience to report!

(pretty much beaten by edi but I spent a few minutes fighting with copy and pasting into this funny reply box so I'm posting anyway)

Also: possible 5% back with quidco (depending on if they count the £5.99 postage which is all you pay!)


Thanks edi, excellent deal :thumbsup:

Thanks just under a £1 a bottle :wink:

Thats almost as cheap as a small bottle of fanta!

looks like a nice deal but I drink less than 1 glass of wine per month


Thats almost as cheap as a small bottle of fanta!

But much more fun!

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Thanks 0d0d and Cat :thumbsup:

£5.99 is justified for just 1 bottle of Sauvignons.

0d0d:- you may not get cashback here as £5.99 is delivery charge :-D

brilliant. ordered and will probably cancel once arrives. cheers and reps to edi.

Excellent post, edi. Voted and rep+

If you have ordered your wine today, you may find that they may not let you order another one (for some reason it didnt allow me to do so)

What I ve done I rang them up : Cancel my last order (3 bottles) then order for my new 6 bottles (It's called Discovery Club Welcome gift pack)

This is the number you need to ring (0870 164 9593) My call only last 3:25 :grin:

Hope this helps!

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Yeah.. we all ordered the same 6 bottles at £5.99 online :-D

Dont call the 0870 number if in case you need to speak to them.

Use this 01603 886699 geo number instead.

Thanks very much... hiccup, hiccup



Thanks very much... hiccup, hiccup :)Johnnypanic

Are you drunk just thinking about wine?!? What are you going to be like when you get a glass down your neck!

Just an aside on this, my personal experience is that Laithwaites/Sunday times etc.. are FAR superior to Virgin for their quality and selection of wines. But you can't argue much with £5.99 I guess

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Who is bothered about selection here. I am getting just SIX bottles of wine. That's it :-D .

Thanks for that guys. Brill find!

Do you reckon you have to wait until you receive the intro offer before cancelling?

It all sounds too good to be true, maybe im too sceptical and just need to get drunk on £5.99

I'd wait till I had it all poured down my throat before cancelling. If I can find the phone after that, that is.

Wow.... Its that cheap im going to get myself a brown paper bag and sit down the park with the rest of the lads and talk about how cheap my booooze was.....:lol:

TYVM superb find :thumbsup:

just ordered the deal myself, delivery says 3-7 days. Im confused about the cancelling, do i have to do it within 1 week of receiving the wine, 1 week after registering.

unlikely we will get the 5% quidco, but its worth a shot.

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No Quidco mate. No cashback on P&P :wink:

Let the case arrive. Count SIX and look for the phone :-D

he may be tempted to drink first... and stay drunk for 1-2 days

Great find Edi, I had already ordered 3 bottles earlier today so can't order the 6 bottles! Just ordered 6 bottles using my girlfriends card details.:thumbsup:

Only 5 in stock at the time of writing, be quick!

Now OOS :x

I've clicked expired on it for now. Looks like quite a few people got a bargain anyway! |Thanks elitom

I seem to placed an order ok , didnt say out of stock :confused:


I seem to placed an order ok , didnt say out of stock :confused:


Yes, just ordered mine as well...happy drinking :thumbsup:

It said out of stock earlier, when elitom pointed it out. It's now back in stock! Good enough!

just got mine

Just ordered, great deal.

Yep, working again, my Parents who are staying with us have just managed to get an order through, and this time they have also give them a voucher for £20 a first order, so if anyone who is going to join, PM me if you want to use the voucher.

Not sure if you can use it with this offer, but add some more wine to your order and use the 320 towards that.


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Thanks elitom,

No discount vouchers can be used along execpt Free delivery ones. Have you got the latter ?
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