6" Breakfast Sub & Freshly Ground Coffee - £2 (before 11am) @ Subway

6" Breakfast Sub & Freshly Ground Coffee - £2 (before 11am) @ Subway

Found 26th Apr 2011
Saw this in the Subway window earlier. You can choose either sausage or bacon with an omelette-like egg, and optional cheese. Also regular toppings are free if by some bizarre reason you like salad for breakfast. Good value IMO.

"Wakey-wakey. We've cooked up an all new range of 6" Breakfast Subs that will set you up for the day. For a start, we now use free range eggs and link sausages. You can also have your Sub toasted with melted cheese. Even better, unlike some, we give you free sauce. Pass the ketchup!

Why not add a freshly ground coffee or a Tropicana too!

Vegetarian Egg & Cheese option also available.

*Offer valid on all 6 inch Breakfast Subs except the 6 inch Mega Breakfast Sub. Extra bacon, double cheese, double meat or any other extra will incur an additional charge. Drink includes regular size coffee, cappuccino, latte or tea only. May not be combined with other offers. Prices and participation may vary."
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Sweet, this will get hot... Will help me wake up before work... Cheers OP
This is a regular deal,...... where s the bargain???
Yes this is their regular deal. Was in Sub the other morning and paid 2 quid for same 'offer'.
isn't this deal always been £2 O___O!?!
its always been a deal, but lots of people dont know about it. i keep meaing to wake up early one day and pop to subway
Who cares if it's been on for ages, if people don't know about it how can they use it...?

This is a regular deal,...... where s the bargain???

well i have to say i wasnt aware of this deal, good post IMO
heat added cheers op
I've walked past the same Subway on my route for months and only noticed a big window advert today. I'm sure they never advertised it before. Like how Burger King remove all signs of the King Deal when it's open in the early hours (but still sell the deal) so drunks spend £6 on a meal instead!

I usually go to Wetherspoons for a breakfast roll and coffee if I have time, it takes them 10 minutes to bring the food and it's usually a rock hard roll and regular sized sausage cut in half. For a few pence more I can get a tastier roll and coffee to go, something I never knew before today!

To those who said it's a regular deal, are you sure it just wasn't a sausage/bacon roll with a coffee before?

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This is a regular deal It is being there for years
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I get myself down to IKEA for their 99p breakfast. How do you think I retain my Flat Pack !

had one today its nasty....... the egg is frozen (defrosted the night b4)

i actually said these words out loud

"mc donalds is better"

that's a big statement!
should keep the ol arterys blocked...lol
This is a regular deal so wheres the bargain lol
This has definitely been on for a while and the stuff is barely edible too.
subway stick to your subs as your breakies taste like ****
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Did not know about this deal,never had it and will give one a go in the morning,thanks for posting!
You lot cant really complain that its not the best of buttys when your getting it for 2 quid with a drink !
WIsh they served this all day, the Sausage and Egg Sub is AMAZING..
very tasty and very cheep but just remember you will have eaten over your full days amount of recommended salt and saturated fat. there is a hell of alot of salt in subway subs
Tried this a few months back. Never again. Awful. Give me a double sausage muffin to go for £2, I dont need the drink.
These are pretty awful - don't see how their 'Eat Fresh' slogan applies to these.
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