6 Cadbury Creme Eggs Now ONLY 10PENCE!! @ Sainsburys

6 Cadbury Creme Eggs Now ONLY 10PENCE!! @ Sainsburys

Found 6th May 2011
Instore offer

Sainsbury's also had the following chocolate easter eggs reduced;
Caramel Creme Eggs (single) 10p each (Yesterday price 20p)
Caramel Easter Egg (comes with 2 caramal eggs) 30p Each


nice one. will reserve my vote until i have checked at my local sainsburys but fingers crossed its nationwide

Spam, someone posted a little earlier saying all easter stuff is 10p at sainsburys.

It is true though, 3 boxes of 48+ in my store at 10p today

creme eggs still labelled as 50p at Stafford, although everything else is 10p (including haribo, peanut m&ms etc.)

That's a crazy price if true.. the last time I got these I paid a whopping £2


go away you chocolate demons... its bad enough trying to lose weight as it is without these deals.


Wow - I would have got so many of these last year when I didn't care what I ate.

Marked up as 50p each or two for 80p this morning at mine.

that reminds me, im due to eat my first chocolate bar of the day.. can't wait yum yuim


still 50p in mine although hollow princess eggs are now 20p

cadbury mini creme eggs are also on clearance at 10p.

How is this expired? They are still on offer!

This shouldnt be expired ! just got some about 20 minutes ago = 6 eggs for 10p

They'll be out of stock in most.

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