6 cans of Irn Bru only £1 at Spar

6 cans of Irn Bru only £1 at Spar

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Just back from Spar, they're selling 6 pack full size (330ml) cans of Irn Bru and Diet Irn Bru for only £1, fantastic deal, I stocked up. Not sure how long this promotion is running for.


They had some left in Springboig Spar in Glasgow good deal if you drink it, Got it for the other half as i dont

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The girl in the shop told me it's a national deal, forgot to put that in my original post.

National in Scotland or the Scotland and the UK?

Hmmm, the only spar near me is attached to a Petrol station. Wonder if its £1 in there......


'if you ever been in Peru you will understand'

WOW! For Spar i think this should be the deal of the century lol HEAT!

Nasty stuff, would rather drink from my own hose!

Previous poster obviously never had it with ice and vodka in it. Superb deal, great post. Heat added.


Got a Spar on my street corner - I'll take a look once I get some clothes on.

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Nasty stuff, would rather drink from my own hose!

do you mean your garden hose, or your own man hose? lol, sorry, had to ask.


BOOOO! Make sure you go to a Spar owned Spar and not a franchise version - the one on my corner knew nothing about the deal. So I bought 8 Carling for £6.50 instead.

cold no good deal
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