6 cd's for £10 @ Uwish

6 cd's for £10 @ Uwish

Found 18th Aug 2008
A choice from 105 cd's

don't forget quidco


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A few of them included are :


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The price is right but the choice is restricted. But thank you anyway.

Great deal.
Check this out
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Items Qty Price

Teenage Kicks Vol 2 - Going Underground - Music 1 £3.96

Lemonjelly '64 - '95 - Music 1 £4.96

Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better [CD + DVD] - Music 1 £2.96

Santana All That I Am - Music 1 £2.96

Simply the Best Christmas - Music 1 £3.96

Greatest Hits of the 50's - Music 1 £6.96
Sub Total £25.76
Shipping £0.00
Discount £15.76
Total £10.00

I can't see why this is cold. OK, the list is limited and there is some crud, but it's still a great deal.
Heat and rep

Have no idea why this has been voted cold, i think its a great deal!

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Ooh, a couple of goodies there. Go for Nerina Pallot's "[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Dear Frustrated Superstar", a wonderful album, and Stina is usually worth a listen!..[/SIZE][/FONT]

Did anyone get the email? This was listed amongst the items and yet it does not seem to be part of the deal (though everything else is)???


Now THAT would have been a good album to add to the list.


Thanks for the post souljacker, received my order this morning. :thumbsup:

There's a reduced range now as some items show as 'awaiting stock' but this promo is still on.
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