6 Creme Eggs - £2 @ WHSmiths

6 Creme Eggs - £2 @ WHSmiths

Found 10th Mar 2009
6 in a box, works out 33p each. Sepertly, they are 39P and 3 for £1.20


Not really sure why so cold not a great saving but I was in Aldi yesterday and a box of 6 was £2.49 so hot for me

£1.49 in home bargains. Ok deal if you havent got a home bargains near you.

3 for a quid in poundland (if you are not near a home bargains)

3 pack in farmfoods for a quid

6 pack in Netto £1.99

Not good value.
Tesco are now doing a 6 pack for £1.24
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