6 free cinema tickets when you apply for a student barclaycard

6 free cinema tickets when you apply for a student barclaycard

Found 22nd Aug 2008
Just saw this in my branch today and thought of applying.
6 Free Cinema Tickets when you apply for a Student Barclaycard.

I would use it the once and cut it up though to get the tickets as Barclays charges are quite high.

14.9% APR
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doesn't having a card and not using it very often affect your credit rating? i think i read it on MSE
A word of warning about Barclays for English students coming to Scotland to study.

Don't start a Barclays account. There are only three or four in all of Scotland - with one in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh - covering an area of about twenty universities and colleges between them.

Its not uncommon for the Glasgow Branch to queue into the street, and if you do wait many people leave before being served. The queues take so long that you cannot park at meters - as you have no idea how long it will take, and its common to hear people in the queue asking for change to feed the meter.

I have seen queues outside the Edinburgh branch too. Neither are near free parking.

Waiting over an hour at the start of the academic year is not uncommon - and there are different queues for different things - so when transferring your account there - you are in one queue to change your account branch - then another for depositing money.

Pick a Scottish bank, some often dont even have queues, and they have branches in the suburbs, and student areas, where you can walk to from your house or not pay parking.
signing up just to get free tickets? a bit of a hassle isn't it? filling out forms etc? if im not wrong the student account will be your current account, so it has to be your main account to get this so you cant just get it and cut your card!
Cheers my daughter is chuffed after seeing this ...........shes opening an account at barclays next week anyway so its a bonus :thumbsup:
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