6 Free Range Eggs 85p @ Tesco

6 Free Range Eggs 85p @ Tesco

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Don't be cagey about buying these. They are 100% Free Range

- Sorry I couldn't resist, creating cheep puns for heat since 2010

PS they are called 'Farm Pride 6 Free Range Eggs' and are only available in store


seems to be an eggcellant deal!


Cheaper Here and more eggy jokes too...

not sure how to vote tbh... is cheap, especially for tesco, but i kinda want to protest vote, as tesco are always the most expensive for free range normally. Is a good price, but only for tesco!

The normal price for 6 medium free range eggs at Aldi is 85p (£1.00 for the large size ones). Not such a brilliant deal IMO.

Might "shell" out on some of these now the Morrisons deals over.

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Just cooked a couple and I can confirm they do taste like eggs

6 Free Range Chicken's Periods, HOT stuff!

6 range eggs for free . Bargain!

cold... home bargins 79p for 6 free range


cold... home bargins 79p for 6 free range

Worth pointing out, but what about the millions who don't live remotely close to a Home Bargains? Or those that do who have no intention of making a special trip there so they can save 6p?

Don't normally look if they're free range, just get the right size for what I want. Good price though
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good find - thanks

Only few days ago, Morrisons 4 for 30p, not sure offer end or not.

Can get 15 for £2 at Sainsburys

Voted hot.

85p for 6 at Lidl too, but that's if you have one near you.

I also Like the 6 large free range eggs for a pound at Iceland.

Ah, nothing like some good old eggy puns to lift a long Wrednesday.

Better buy these quick, they'll no doubt be whisked off the shelves.

Couldnt find these in my store, no yolk.

Can confirm definaely free range. Got them home and they've been walking around the house ever since.


needs expiring
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