6 Ft Interactive Skeleton Pirate £30 from Asda was £60

6 Ft Interactive Skeleton Pirate £30 from Asda was £60

Found 28th Oct 2017
This towering 6ft tall interactive pirate skeleton is sure to be life and (soul) of your Halloween party! Featuring evil LED eyes and an interactive talking parrot – stay as silent around him because he's sure to give you a fright!

• 6ft tall
• Motion sensor
• Sound effects
• Batteries required

Free click and collect.
Don't know if it will arrive in time for this Halloween, but I always buy stuff in the sale for next year. You just might need a big cupboard to shove this in
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Available for collection from Monday 30th after 5pm. Just in time!

Edited by: "Norse" 28th Oct 2017
Hmmm- do I need this?!:/
Har, har... Where's me buccaneers?

Under yer buckin hat ya silly ol pirate!
I want it too much. Pity it has to be classed as 'DON'T NEED!'
How much did a pirate pay for his peg leg and hook?

An arm and a leg.

However I paid £30 for this beauty.
Apparently, the motion sensor is a bit rubbish, so I'm going to look out for a sporting young person and offer them double the minimum wage of 8 Haribo per hour to stand there and press the action button when some approaches.
I once knew a old Pirate with a hook and only one leg
The kids use to tease and chase him and call his leg... a peg
He would never complain and always smiled with a toothless grin
For in his good hand was either a sword or a large bottle of gin
He was most spooky in October and often frightened us all
When he often jumped out and screamed...Oh arrrr... I'm going to the Halloween ball
You've found my brother
Am I right in thinking it will be reduced further after Halloween ?
Out of stock
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