Found 31st Mar 2009
While shopping instore today they had a knife promo on. you got a large knife worth £19.99 then 2 more of theese,2 fruit knife and a fish knife,worlds smallest juice extractor.
apparently they officialy go on sale end of may instore.
theese knifes never need sharpening, they are bendy, the guy did a demo it evan cut trough a hammer!. Apparently they are excellent.
morrisons are running this promo instore all week
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I will be definately grabbing some if I see them. I am sick of sharpening a knife each time I want to prepare a salad or a stir fry.
they are cheap carp, my mum got some at a tesco demo, we bent one and it snapped, they show a few knives on there demo but they are not the ones they sell, oldest trick in the book.
i am a butcher and i have had my knives since i was sixteen, which is quite a while now, and they are as good as new, never buy this carp.
Sorry have had to vote this cold we had a guy in our store a while ago doing this I don't know why morrisons sanction it they are rubbish we had a few people bringing them back after buying because they had broke or bent. DONT DO IT appart from the knives being rubbish the bloke was really annoying kept putting announcements out every half hour could even hear them when on tea break in the canteen:x
Not voted as i am biased!
A knife will only stay sharp if you use it on the correct work surface, i.e. woodblock, bendy knives are ok so long as you dont put any pressure on them, then they are lethal!. Best way to keep knives sharp is to use a steel, under a tenner and you dont have to be a michelin star chef to use one, hold the steel by the handle and push down on a woodblock ot wet cloth then gently pull the knife down and back towards you at a slight angle, about three times per knife side after each session should be enough to keep a keen edge. dont even touch a knife unless it has a full riveted tang if you intend to use it for anything other than cutting a cucumber up!
my knives are not riveted, i only use victorianox knives
My friend bought me some of these knives and I think they are very good and sharp. Don;t think much of the trading name Twin Towers though
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