6 Large Bottles of Beer/Lager/Cider for £5 @ Marks & Spencer

6 Large Bottles of Beer/Lager/Cider for £5 @ Marks & Spencer

LocalFound 22nd Apr 2012
6 Bottles of Beer/Lager/Cider (large size) mix and match at marks and spencer. I picked up 6 Cambridgeshire Ales 500ml individually priced at £2.19 for a fiver

Worth a look if your near one!!
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Very good deal, is it nationwide?
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The signage in store would hint that it was nationwide
Nice one, which store did u get them in?
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Canterbury store, would definitely recommend the m&s ale!
I got excited when I saw a label saying 6 for 5 in our new Wellingborough store but upon closer inspection saw it was buy 6 for the price of 5. Are you absolutely sure it was such a good deal? If so I will be down there today like a shot!
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no I got it wrong sorry my hungover state didn't help! It was 6 for 5 so i've expired it
Not so good a deal then :-(
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