6 month BlackBerry Booster £20 6 months of internet, BlackBerry Mail and BBM  @ T-Mobile

6 month BlackBerry Booster £20 6 months of internet, BlackBerry Mail and BBM @ T-Mobile

Found 11th Jun 2011
6 month BlackBerry Booster £20 for 6 months of internet, BlackBerry Mail and BBM compared to the the £5 30day with the ten pound topup the tenner will still be yours to spend on minutes, internet or whatever you fancy.
was looking at this as he tops up £10 a month for free texts and normaly pays the £5bolt on with o2

but with a one off £20 for 6 months BBM thought it was a good deal?
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This seems like a good deal? I don't have a Blackberry but i have a 14yr old Daughter that thinks its a great deal
Heat added!!!
First off, this is a good deal, if your an existing T mobile customer, like you've had good experience with the network, other than that, don't bother, bought my blackberry curve 9300 on T mobile, had an OK signal, where sometimes it could be 3G or the next time it could be SOS, switched to o2 and I top up 15 pounds a month i get 500 texts and 500mb internet access with blackberry email with the 15 pounds ontop, where in my room it ocassionally has the SOS sign, so im voting hot for the price but if your on another network, dont switch to tmobile
So to be clear all you've got to do is top up with £20 and then text 6MONTHBB to 441?
Also, if you order a new T-Mobile Blackberry sim, you get 6 months free internet if you top up a tenner, seems good? t-mobile.co.uk/sho…ds/
Yes to get the 6 month bbm, bb email and internet all you have to do is text 6MONTHBB to 441 and your all set!
Can I use this bbm booster in Nokia handset
I have brought this but the lady in the shop said to activate it I have to text some number but I'm not sure what the number is ?
still works!!!!
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