6 Months Free Broadband for Existing O2 Customers (2 Years+)

6 Months Free Broadband for Existing O2 Customers (2 Years+)

Found 26th Apr 2011
Advertised on O2 Broadband's homepage is 6 months free for existing O2 mobile customers (2years+) on their new packages. However I am on their old 'standard 8mb unlimited' package and have managed to have this renewed for 12 months with 6 months free. This effectively works out at £9.50 for remainder 6months, equivalent of £4.75 per month over the year. Well worth a try guys. Good luck!


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cool, will take a look in to this..

You should have been with O2 for atleast 2 years to get 6 months free.

"If you've had an O2 mobile for more than two years, as a way of saying … "If you've had an O2 mobile for more than two years, as a way of saying thank you, we’ll give you six months free home broadband on our The All Rounder or The Works packages."

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Thanks a6unx, I have updated the post.

Mate you shud have stayed on the old package you we're on... The new O2 BB packages are unbelievably bad due to new traffic management restrictions on your account that they dont tell you about when renewing....

My previous 12months with O2 we're flawless..... My current package (been on for 5 months) IS ATROCIOUS.

I would not recommend O2 BB to anyone anymore unless you are a very light user and you manage to get BB for free with a phone package...

If anyone is thinking about a new BB supplier and are tempted by O2, you'll kick yourself in a month if you dont read about it..... check out the moneysavingexpert forums and you'll see pages of complaints.

Just a word of warning

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Hi tommytbone1 - I can confirm i'm on the old package, which is called 'standard'. The new packages are either called 'basic', 'all rounder' or 'the works' and subject to fair usage and traffic monitoring.
My standard package is standard - 8mb unlimited usage @ £9.50 p/m + 6mths free.
If you are able to renew on an old package - which is no longer offered, as I did, it is a great deal. >

I completely agree with tommytbone1. I got my BB for free with my landline so can't really complaint but I use a paid VPN service to use P2P during peak hours works flawless. I end up paying 4quid/month for the VPN but well worth it.

Like the OP & others have said, don't get talked into moving onto any of the new packages but insist on remaining on your current one. After the recent price increases, I contacted retentions (been with O2 for 2 years plus) who extended my current Standard contract but a a reduced monthly cost, even less than it was before the prices went up. At the end of the contract, I'll be able to renew/extend on Standard again: had this confirmed.

Youve doen the right thing Kinkycupid, Only wish i had done the same as my old packages was flawless.

a6unx - what is this VNP service you speak of? Just going through the back and forth troubleshooting with O2 technical support to show them how bad my current bb is, after which i will ask to be put on a different package or get my money back..... but i'll ask for this service aswell if it'll help?

I just rang up and was offered same as the OP. First 6 months free of a 12 month contract for Standard broadband.

Thanks OP!

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Good work charltonfan1!
out of curiosity, has anyone had any success on their 'old' premium 16mb unlimited broadband?

yes o2 were really fast when they started out, but now my speed is 1.5meg was getting up to 7-8meg when we first signed up..

on premium, I got 3 month off

for the six months free do you have to keep topping up your payg?


You should have been with O2 for atleast 2 years to get 6 months free.

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