6 Muller Light Assorted Yoghurts £1.38 @ Asda

6 Muller Light Assorted Yoghurts £1.38 @ Asda

Found 1st Jul 2010
I found this last night in my local ASDA but it is nationwide and online.

6 Muller Light Assorted Chocolate flavoured yoghurts in the wrapper for £1.38. This may not seem like a good deal for yoghurt, but it's 4 for £2 if you buy them singular. At £1.38 it works out at 23p a yoghurt, when originally it is 52p a yoghurt.

The flavours are; Chocolate & Vanilla, Chocolate & Orange and Chocolate & Cherry. I personally have these every day for my breakfast and they are nice and worth this price.


I love these yoghurts, really sweet so a lot of people do not like.
heat added - going to Asda tomorrow and may not have looked for them.

THINK I saw these at double the price but BOGOF in the end chiller cabinet in Tesco today.
= not enough room in the fridge

£2.85 for 2 packs at Tesco.
Other varieties available as well.
Heat added
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