6 Pack Cd Recordables @ Poundland

6 Pack Cd Recordables @ Poundland

Found 10th Jul 2010
6 pack CDR on spindle. Computer recordable blank CD, create music CD's up to 80 minutes long or store 200 + photos. 52x speed, 700Mb with a lifetime guarantee!
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Haha thats hilarious "lifetime guaranetee"
Yeah i thought that, how the f*** does that work?
waste of a pound really most like to get alot of errors if not coasters.
50 verbatims £6.50 from play click me
a pound for six is hardly cheap nowadays-inferior brand too-cold for me
bought these a few weeks ago as only needed one cd to send some data in the post ... cd couldn't be read by the person i sent it to - don't waste your money on these!
Come on chaps, there is a lot of pre-judging going on without trying (don't judge the book by the cover). And Frazzled did you try another CD-R that worked? I would look at the copying processes not the CD-R!
Iv used this once before when i was in need of a couple of CDR's and I had no problems with them either, voted hot (the usually have loads of these instore)
Voted cold sorry. I've gone through about 3 packs of these and all discs gave errors of some sort. MP3 discs refuse to work in almost everything apart from my PC for example. Also had many coasters. Sometimes before even having anything burnt to them they refuses to be recognised in the PC (tested on 2 PCs). Overall they're just a waste of £1.
You can buy 50 CDR for £3.79 Delivered at Ebuyer Link

You can buy 50 CDR for £3.79 Delivered at Ebuyer Link

correct link here
you can buy packs of 7 cd-rs for 99p from 99p store
Thanks computerman but maybe some people do not want to buy 50 CDR's plus a strange review on the Ebuyer website about quality! Unfortunately you muppet, you can't buy a single 50 pack at poundland cos everything is a pound! Maybe if Poundland were the '£3.79p Shop' they might be more competitive!
Thanks spoony100, if they are such great value then stick them on this website and see the comments you get!
Some people out there don't really get the point of this website, it appears they want to shoot down any deals even if it is a good offer!
I never said this was the BEST deal!
Erm, Long established members have shown you that you can get branded, quality disc's for a lot less and you did'nt like it cause your deal went ice cold.

That is the whole poit of HUKD, to decide whats a bargain, and whas not.
I totally agree lottysdad08 there are other offers available but this offer was for a 6 pack not a 50 pack or even 100 pack. I can't understand the correlation, we all know that when you buy in larger numbers you do get better deals.
The only person that seems to get the idea was the 7 pack at a 99p shop (ok, one disc more and 1p out isn't that bad except i haven't got a 99p shop nearby). It all depends on what you have nearby and readily available (i.e. you can get to buy instantly without waiting for delivery).
I just thinking voting cold as some users have done without fully considering the actual offer is odd. And as a kind PM from a moderator recently pointed out, voting cold without commenting it not good.
As a review i have tried one pack from Poundland and I personally have had no problems in burning data.
However my final point also is I'm not sure how they cope with this 'lifetime guarantee' because I don't now many people are aware but all CD-R's will start to deteriorate from the day of manufacture and there are recommendations that any important backups on any brands of CD's should be re-burnt after two years to avoid data errors. Their storage conditions are also very important but then maybe that's for another forum.
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