6 Pack of Bud Light @ Tesco £2.50

6 Pack of Bud Light @ Tesco £2.50

Found 19th Jan 2014
Just picked up a couple packs (6 bottles a pack) for £2.50 each at Tesco Basingstoke.

I don't think they're reduced to clear as it just says reduced.


bought a pack of these yesterday. They wasnt bad.


These will be store specific, used to be £5 for 6, I loved them in America and when I came home was so happy Tesco were selling them.
However I contacted Tesco on their FB page and they said they wouldn't be getting any more stock.


Bought some my local tesco yesterday they were still £5!

Some terrible beer, but the price is OK. Not voted...

Waiting for the 'tastes like ****' brigade


Waiting for the 'tastes like ****' brigade

Tastes like beer?

It was this price in Mansfield today - I picked a pack up to try it.

Awesome deal only 83 calories a bottle :-))))

found it in my local tesco


Was back at my local tesco at the weekend.
still had £5 on the shelf but when scanned it was £2.50 so went back and stocked up with more.

Does anyone know of any stores in Scotland stocking?

Kilbirnie sold out but have the reduced price £2.50 sign up
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