6 Pack of Cadbury's Creme Eggs at Co-op £1.35
6 Pack of Cadbury's Creme Eggs at Co-op £1.35

6 Pack of Cadbury's Creme Eggs at Co-op £1.35

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Love creme eggs, LOVE this price


why is this going cold? where are they cheaper ?

No idea - have some heat. Btw anyone doing the creme egg competition and know where the creme eggs are hidden?

asda have thousands of lines cheaper ...but this aint one of them LOL


Creme eggs in January?
Has the world gone mad?

Just off to buy some.

22.5p each for anyone that can't be bothered to work it out !!!! ;-)

Price they should be anyway - somewhere I saw them for 46p each!!! That might have been ASDA too actually.... having a laff!!!!!

Cadbury creme egg season! I love January purely because it is the advent of creme eggs. I like them when slightly chilled and the fondant is partially crystalised. nice

HOT! love creme eggs!!

Just got some on the way back from work, along with the 12 packs of Jaffa cakes at 50 p eack and the Fairtrade coffee at 84 p a jar, i only went in for a loaf, which they didnt have because the wagon had got stuck in snow in Bilsdale! Coffee and chocolate is nicer anyway!.

Go to deal doesn,t go to item.
Search of Creme eggs in Food leads to 'How can we help Bees'
Definately the CO-OP:)

Ive still got too much chocolate from xmas!

They're also £1.50 at One Stop if you haven't got a Co-op near you.

i love these

Sure I bought 6 yesterday at Asda in Tamworth for £1

ahh my girlfriend owes me 3 creme eggs so far this year as she has to buy me one everytime she swears (her idea), so ill be letting her know later!

Same price in Somerfield

Creme eggs appearing cheap again
It'll be Easter before you know it!


oh well no creme eggs for me.

Just went to hunt some down, on the way back up I
slipped on some ice and broke my wrist, and dropped my eggs.

Damn you eggs for being so cheap.

Bloody creme eggs their lethal


Brill- cant wait til easter, that means summers on its way!

good deal,was going to post yesterday,
little sad how people keep buyingchoclate and eating it just because its cheap,after chrimbo aswell
the snow dosent help trying to get back to norm routine

Yummy :-D
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