6 Pack Of Kit Kat Mocha 6 x 45g, £1 @ Poundland

6 Pack Of Kit Kat Mocha 6 x 45g, £1 @ Poundland

Found 30th Mar 2016
From Argyle Street, Glasgow Poundland earlier, "Limited Edition" Kit Kat bars. 45g is a 4 finger pack.

I realise they are 3 for 49p at Home Bargains, but this is another alternative
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Also, as I add posts and piccies to the MSE Poundland thread, may as well share what else I got!

4 x 400g tins of Chopped Tomatoes, Gummy Mix 400g, Milk Duds 141g and 6 Pack Of Kit Kat Mocha 6 x 45g.

Thought is kitkat matcha
Excellent find heat added
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I did do a search before I posted and only the Home Bargains deal came up. Must be the definition "KitKat" versus the "Kit Kat" I've used.
Thanks Pal.
These are really nice but also found them in B&M 3 for 49p in mocha
Lovely i got some over the weekend (4 packs of 6) yummy
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