6 Pack of Maryland Cookies £3 @ Asda IS BACK!!!!!
6 Pack of Maryland Cookies £3 @ Asda IS BACK!!!!!

6 Pack of Maryland Cookies £3 @ Asda IS BACK!!!!!

Buy forBuy forBuy for£3
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Great bargain at ONLY 50p a pack
3 x 2 of various flavours, double choc, choc and nut etc

Just to point out these are the larger 200g value packs and not the 150g packs people are comparing them to.
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Lukewarm deal at best. Can find 3 packs for £1.

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Well don't keep us on in suspense

You can choose the flavours you want seperately - 2 packs for £1.

You mean NOM NOM NOM

Cookies are only worth the calories when they're fresh :P

Cheap though

FYI - it's nom nom nom.

It's whatever people choose to say, to be fair. =/


It's whatever people choose to say, to be fair. =/

Nope, numming refers to something completely different

Penny Saver

Nope, numming refers to something completely different

Perhaps in your head, but "num" certainly predates the current "nom" fad for eating or enjoying food.

Reference: Peter Sellers, The Party (1968) "Birdy num num"

This will go well with Fifa 11

They where doing these boxed packs for a fiver in ASDA last week, but the problem is that on the shelf next to them they had individual packets for 50p each oO

I would try Poundland or Home Bargains etc before getting to excited about this deal.


I dont like these cookies - its like biting into a stone sometimes.

you can certainly get the coconut choc chip marylands in Home Bargains for around 39p - don't know about other flavours...
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I saw these packs in asda yesterday and thought £3 was expensive.

49p per individual pack in Tesco.

As HRHPrincessJane noted, 49p each in Tesco, which is much better value especially if you don't want to buy 6 packets!

Just got a pack for £3.I think it's worth it you get 2 choc chip,2 double choc and 2 packs of jammie dodgers.50p a pack is fine for me and I would buy these variety anyway

I'm sure they used to do choc, nut and raisins many years ago, I lost interest when I they stopped doing those. . Taking raisins out of the cookies and Cadburys removing the raisins from Double Deckers definitely kept a few pounds in my pocket.

Yes, £3 is expensive. The original price of £6 is redonkulous!

Same with the tin of chocolate biscuits (in a blue tin). They're saying its a bargain at £6 down from £12 - yeah right!

Not worth it , these have been on offer on our local Asda for about 3 weeks now.
Cheaper atm in Tesco plus home and bargain the poundshop/poundland normally do 2 packs for a quid anyway.

Voting cold because theyre cheaper elsewhere even though i dont shop at Tesco.

Iceland recently had them on offer for 3 for a pound too,not sure if that's still on though.

iceland are selling them 30p each

These were 50p a pack for years - then they doubled the price and put them on virtually permanent BOGOF/multibuy offers that put the back down to... guess what - 50p!

Don't fall for it!

Never liked these, I'd rather spend more and get a decent cookie



I bought these a couple of months back, and just to point out these are NOT the standard 150g packs, but rather the bigger 200g value packs, therefore equivalent to 8 standard packs.

Always 50p a pack. One exclamation mark would have been excessive, never mind 5.
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