6 Pack of succulents £4.49 @ LIDL

6 Pack of succulents £4.49 @ LIDL

Found 1st Sep 2016
Had a look at these yesterday and they look pretty good. Will need planting into pots but are very easy to look after
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ace thanks
Very nice, thank you. I don't bother with pots, but have these scattered through the garden borders and rockery, and they seem quite happy.
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good find op, heat added
thanks op
You'll need to scoff them fast, they'll be overipe tomorrow.
Paid 9.99 in the garden centre last week. Heat
How do they taste? Do you eat them raw or do you have to cook them?
No sign of these in Hastings sadly. Got some hebes instead.
Used a couple of the £5 off £40 vouchers from Metro newspaper (stocked up on gin & whisky). Scattered a bunch of spare vouchers around the store too - hope some shoppers found them before their grumpy security guard did.

No sign of these in Hastings sadly. Got some hebes instead.

hebe jebes?
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