6 PACK RED BULL is back for 4quid @asda

6 PACK RED BULL is back for 4quid @asda

Found 10th Jun 2010
This deal is back , i went today to local Asda and i spot two boxes with 6 packs of red bull priced 4 pounds
!!! but be carefull on self service till display 6 pounds, so call staff for changing price if in your asda is this stand with 4 pounds , i brought checkout team leader to this stand because she did trust me :))

hope this is nationwide
sorry for image i couldnt find with 6 pack


ok, i'm gonna troll for just a second here....

Lidl's 29p-a-tin stuff tastes exactly the same

I like Aldis one at about £1.50 for 6 cans ....... but this is still cheap for "Red Bull"!
Think my asda had 12 can packs on offer for £7 yesterday (Telford Donington store)
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