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6 Piece CLIFTON® Classical Guitar Set £39.99 @ Lidl from 19th Dec
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6 Piece CLIFTON® Classical Guitar Set £39.99 @ Lidl from 19th Dec

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Posted 12th Dec 2013
High-quality guitar with laminated body and nylon strings, ideal for budding six-string virtuosos
Set includes electronic tuner, practice book, instruction DVD, karaoke CD, 2 plectrums and padded guitar bag
3 year manufacturer's warranty
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Just as Led Zeppelin is launched on Spotify. Timing.
Seems a good deal for the beginner, especially with the bag & usual Lidl warranty - makes you think how they do it!
Great deal for a beginner definitely. Would buy.
Very good!
They seem to have great deals on musical instruments at the moment. I saw a guy with a Yamaha keyboard yesterday and he seemed pleased as punch with it. We got talking and he said £79.99 was a good price given the reviews he had read online. i didn't get the model number
Quite tempted... Will check my local
If it gets more people playing musical instruments, fabulous. Votes hot.
Don't buy the cheapest you can find if you are starting out, you will just be put off they are heavy and hard to get a clear note out of.
I'm not saying this one is I'm just saying in general, go see some in a proper music shop first to get an idea

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Heat added!
>High Quality guitar
>£40 including electronic tuner, practice book, instruction DVD, karaoke CD, 2 plectrums and padded guitar bag


I'd love to see the other measurements on the spectrum of quality where guitars are concerned, if one such as this can be described as "high".

Probably a good deal as it'll be good enough to let your kid find out if they really are interested in learning to play the guitar or not.
Voted hot.
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Just as Led Zeppelin is launched on Spotify. Timing.

Yes, nothing screams "Led Zep" quite like a forty quid spanish guitar

Yes, nothing screams "Led Zep" quite like a forty quid spanish guitar

obviously know nothing about led Zeppelin..
I bought the same package about 6 years ago for my then teenage son and he played with it for a short period, before it was put in the loft and forgotten about.
I recently took it down, with a view to try and see if I could play guitar at all, I went on to youtube and viewed some beginner lessons.I have picked up quite a bit, but on advice from a guitar playing workmate, I went into a music shop in town and tried some acoustic guitars to see if they felt any different.
I can tell you now, even the entry level Fender cd-60 ( here )for £100, felt and sounded, so much better. For a start this classical guitar has quite a large / wide fret at top and it is a struggle sometimes to get your fingers all the way round to hold down a chord. The dreadnought acoustic has a slimmer fret and that makes it so much easier. The strings are also steel as opposed to nylon and it sounded much deeper to me.
I have been dropping hints to the fun prevention officer in my house ( wife ) to get the Fender for xmas, but am also considering getting an electric guitar instead so that I can put on headphones and practice without disturbig everyone in the house/ street THIS PACKAGE

ps I am not slating this guitar at all and if it is bought to see if you or the person you are buying for is going to be interested in playing, then it is not a lot of money to spend, but you could buy a better quality one for £100 download a free guitar tuner app for your phone, as I have done and go on to martyzsongs on youtube for free lessons.

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Anyone buy one yet?
Any one bought this ? Any thoughts ?
I bought this Lidl Clifton guitar last year as I started guitar lessons. For a beginner, it seems absolutely fine. The top neck is quite wide at 52 mm which I have got used to. I have since bought a Vintage, steel stringed, acoustic guitar. The neck on this is 45 mm. I find this quite narrow in comparison and slightly more difficult to play. The sound on the Vintage, naturally, is much better as it is a better quality guitar. Suppose you get what you pay for. I would recommend any beginner going to a music shop and trying out different size/types of guitars. Are they comfortable to hold - how is the sound quality.. Also seeing whether the neck size is suitable for ease of playing (any beginner can try out a few chord shapes). Having said that - I have manged to learn basics very well on the Clifton guitar and a few folk who have visited my house will pick up this guitar to play in preference to the Vintage as they prefer the neck size. If Lidl offer another deal, I would recommend someone starting off to buy it. £39 is very good value.
Hi Guys, This Clifton guitar, was this available in 3/4 size as well in lidl last year. on their website sizes are not mentioned...
Bought it for the fella.. hes happy!
I bought a steel stringed acoustic guitar from Lidl for the same price just before Christmas. My first guitar. I now meet up once a week with a couple of other learners to practise using the Justin Guitar online videos. We've been joined by a guitar enthusiast who's played guitars for over 30 years. He's really impressed with the tone of the guitar for the price.
I hope this amazing Lidl deal has encouraged others to try learning to play.
I bought this guitar and I love it - I learn playing and I can play so many some songs. I would recommend tough putting some Martin strings.
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