6" sub and drink £1.50 @ subway

6" sub and drink £1.50 @ subway

Found 16th Mar 2016
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How do you get that?
Just go in I think
Store specific?
Is this at a particular store or nationwide plz ?
Not all store.
It won't be all stores as it's a franchise.
so they're only appreciating customers for one day!
Is it today?
I work at subway, our franchise owns most of the stores in south wales.
This deal is not at any of our stores unfortunately.
I wish these deals didn't get so much heat so quickly without more information on whether they're nationwide. It must be a bit awkward asking for the customer appreciation deal if they have no idea what you're talking about. oO
Damn I just bought one, didn't think to check here first lol! I didn't see it advertised though so I'm assuming my store was a franchise.
Subway HQ must be regretting the day they ever hired Jared Fogle as their spokesperson, sad, very sad.

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I'm a customer.
Appreciate me, god dam it..

Have some heat! oO

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not in Deal today. Just the normal £3 lunch on

Just go in I think

Which part of the UK did you see this poster?
Sorry OP but I've had to vote cold because we've still got pretty much no idea about this deal as you've forgotten to put a date, time or location (or at least where you saw it).
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Well I work at subway and have never heard of this.. so do I HAVE to appreciate customers on that day or is it an option?
The last time they did this it wasn't all stores and the stores which did it had the promotion on different days. It was advertised in the windows for around a week before the actual day.
lol, funny thread... its better that a tesco deal.
buy one get one free my local 12" big boy
6" is never enough

not in Deal today. Just the normal £3 lunch on

So there was no deal in Deal? Haha, ironic really!!

6" is never enough:-D

​depends what you do with it!
It says 16 March is it still going? could you send a link to the participating stores if so as the stores are owned independently andn only agree to promotions when busy. My local chargers 30p for a salad bowl and 50p extra I'd it's a deal! Same with other local ones. only get deals if in city centre so it's important to check before. I was in Aberdeen and they had a salad and a drink for £1.99. Clearly they are busy so can afford this but again the stores are franchised and only choose what's best for the..
Just to confirm the deal is not available at my local subway.
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