6 Way, 3 Metre Extension Lead - £3 @ Tesco

6 Way, 3 Metre Extension Lead - £3 @ Tesco

Found 21st Mar 2011
Reduced from £12!

6 plug sockets, 3 metres.

In comparison the 4 way 0.75 metre is also £3!


Which store did you find it in?

Seen this in the bargain isle in Stockton tesco, still marked up at £12 but like most items in that isle it's worth scanning as it will prob be reduced more then the shelf label says.
Didn't bother myself as i just picked up 4 of the 10 way surge protected towers @ £1.50 each! a much better buy if you ask me.

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Got in Belfast newtownbreda. Wasn't in a bargin bin, the shelf label was just reduced to £3.
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