6 weeks free tennis coaching for 5 - 8 year olds various locations

6 weeks free tennis coaching for 5 - 8 year olds various locations

Found 4th Apr 2016
Tennis for Kids offers 6 week FREE coaching courses for kids aged 5 - 8 years, who are new to tennis. Jam packed with fun games and activities, run by specially trained coaches, Tennis for Kids encourages your youngsters to get involved in the sport we love. Even better, upon completing the course, the first 10,000 kids will receive a FREE racket so they can continue to play!

Courses start at different times, some start in April others in June


have booked my grand children on the course, thanks for posting8)

Brilliant, thank you (_;)

Thank you, my daughter has just given up swimming so I was looking at tennis for her to try

Thank you, I have booked for my daughter.

great find OP


booked thank you

Excellent find - booked - thank you

booked......Cheers OP

Thanks OP, heat added!

Excellent OP TY


Thank you

My twins would love this

thank you booked my son and nephew!

My local courses are all full.Be quick if you want to book a session.

Booked for my son and his friend. Thanks OPP for posting

Thank you so much, I've just booked my son in for two sets of lessons

all booked out near m e :((

Thanks op. Booked my son on the course

Great, thanks OP.

Great find. Thanks

Needed it for a 10yr old too :-(

Thanks Karen , superb post and booked. Appreciate the post

Anyone got a confirmation email?

super .... thanks
I got confirmation email with schedule
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just signed up.perfect for my two

just booked thanks

Thanks. Just booked for my daughter.

Thank you, I have booked for my boy

Awesome Thank you

Booked for my 5 yr old thanks

booked for my 6 yr old, thanks a lot.

Thank you! Have just booked my son onto our local course! Fab posting!!

Thank you for posting. Just booked my sprogs onto one nearby.

Booked my daughter a few weeks ago. Cheers Andy Murray.

Had the first lesson today for my 7 year old.

It was great

thanks for the post
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