6 x 2L Diet Pepsi @ 99p stores - INSTORE
6 x 2L Diet Pepsi @ 99p stores - INSTORE

6 x 2L Diet Pepsi @ 99p stores - INSTORE

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Was checking out the 99p store in Stratford Shopping Centre today when I saw this deal. 12 litres of Diet Pepsi for £1.49!

There's a small catch though. The expiry date is May 2011


How out of date is it?

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It isn't out of date. Just going to expire in a few months time.

Errrm...if it's sold in the 99p store should it not be 99p.

Well the good side of this deal is that's a lot of Pepsi for the price of a single bottle of Coke in Tesco, but finding them is going to be a pain.

I would presume it's meant to be £0.99p per bottle, and the RRP is £1.49, however some idiotic staff member has put them out as the store receives them - in a pack of 6.

That label just means each bottle is marked as £1.49. They will only give you all 6 for 99p as a mistake!

Small catch....I'd drink that in a month but I don't like Diet

I work for 99p stores, it is 99p per bottle not 6 bottles for 99p. We regularly put out the 6 packs behind the individual bottles to save space in the stock room. I'm expiring it, sorry.

wow so much heat given to a no deal?

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Well, that was a bit misleading. Really, stores should be clearer in their pricing...

does it still bubble?

I recall we once got a couple of 6 packs of appletiser from poundland for a pound each pack, due to them all having been put out as received.

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Come to think of it, this should either be smoking hot or stone cold. After all, who would pay full price for a bottle of Pepsi that'll expire in a few months? Might still be worth a shot if you're nearby the area since the pic I took clearly shows the price - and most rational humans would take it to mean £1.49 for a 6 bottle pack of 2L bottles... (unless you happen to work for 99p stores it seems)

Just come back from there after going to get the deal and its 99p per bottle, they are still out in packs of 6 though, the RRP is 1.49 per bottle.

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Bummer. Thanks for checking
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