6 x 75cl bottles of wine - £12 in Sainsbury's
6 x 75cl bottles of wine  - £12 in Sainsbury's

6 x 75cl bottles of wine - £12 in Sainsbury's

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In Exeter Alphington Sainsbury's today, they had a selection of boxes of 6 x 75cl bottles of wine reduced to £12.

The one I bought was called Ripe & Juicy Red Wines and contained 2 x Castillo de Calatrava Gran Reserve 1996, 2 x Zontes Footstep Cabernet Malbec 2004 and 2 x Rosabrook Cabernet Sauvignon. The box lists these bottles as £9.99, £8.99 and £9.99 respectively and shows that the original selling price of £29.94 represented a saving of £28.00. Therefore, while I'm no wine buff, £2 a bottle seems a real bargain, especially when they do actually sell the Castillo de Calatrava Gran Reserve 1996 for £9.99 a bottle online.

It was such a bargain that the sales assistant refused to believe the price it scanned at, so called over a supervisor who went off and confirmed the price. I don't know if this is in other stores, but there was a big display in this store which included white wines and wines for entertaining. That said, they were going quick.



Any bottle of wine for £2 is good in my books... :P

That's my price range. I'll check out my local store.

wow, will try my local tomorrow. HOT if I can get some!

great find- i bought the rose case and a chardonay case which both look good!

I class the wines i buy into 2 categories- ones for me to drink and then better ones that i can give as gifts. These bottles definately fall into the 2nd category and i will go back tomorrow for some more

Why so cold? This is good wine at an even better price.

Can't find it in my store (tamworth) & did have a really good look ... darn!

Just been to Sainsburys in Bath, picked up 6 bottles of Rosabrook Chardonnay for £12. Had a handful of boxes left, also had red wine and rose.
Similar to the deal last summer the 'barbeque selection' if my memory serves me correctly.

thanks, will go see, voted hot

Yay managed to get the ripe and juicy reds (last box!) and a box of the rosabrook chardonnay. Will go back with the OH and his credit card at the weekend!


Great deal count me in thanks

I'll try the pinhoe store tomorrow.....save the trek across the city. :thumbsup:

Ooh, hope they have some left in my local Sainsbury's. Zonte's Footstep is lovely and Castillo De Calatrava is a really really nice wine.

Heat & Rep added - thanks OP

Managed to get last box of another type "Wines for Entertaining" a mixed case of 2 bottles of the Chardonnay, 2 VDP Cinsault Rose & 2 bts of the interestingly named Woop Woop Cabernet.

Also got 6 bts of Leaping Lizard Rose for £12

Never tried any of these, really wanted the reds but these were OOS, but great for party wines - cheers

Went into Marsh Mills Plymouth store, no reds left but a few rose and quite a few white.


3 whites, 1 red and 1 rose purchased

voted hot hot hot

thanks to OP for sharing

Voted hot! :thumbsup:

I went to my Sainsbury in Arnold first thing this morning and they said they sold out yesterday:x

Picked up a case of the Rosabrook chardonnay at Kingsway Derby late last night, only 3or4 boxes left. Cashier thought price was a mistake ans tried to charge £12 per bottle. Supervisor called and corrected the error of her ways.....

Not available in Aylesbury store, shop assistant said larger stores only :x

None in the Pinhoe store :-( .....i'll try the Alphington store tomorrow.

I just posted a new item on this - cardinal rule broken, I didn't search ! However, worth noting that Camberley Sainsburys has this in today. Mind you, I bought 4 boxes of it, so it's going fast. A few people were staring at it wondering if it was per bottle or box
Review of the wine:
It says 2003 on the bottle, but I'm not so sure. Sharp, acidic aftertaste to a full bodied agressive red. Best with food, or as the second bottle, otherwise tastebuds might be assaulted a little too heavily with the high alchol percentage. Overall, flawed but enjoyable wine, two bottles might kill a buffalo though.
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