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6 x Cetirizine 10mg Tablets - 30 Tablets (180 total) - £4.79 Delivered @ Pharmacyfirst

6 x Cetirizine 10mg Tablets - 30 Tablets (180 total) - £4.79 Delivered @ Pharmacyfirst

Expert (Beta)14
Expert (Beta)
Posted 13th May
Decent price here for the cetirizine tables - 6 months supply.

Cetirizine 10mg antihistamine tablets are an excellent treatment for people suffering from hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis), perennial allergic rhinitis (a similar condition to hay fever caused by allergies, that continues throughout the year) and urticaria (swelling, redness and itchiness of the skin). Branded versions include Zirtek and Piriteze.

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Hope it helps someone.
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Great deal. Bought these last week. Heat
fearghalg13/05/2020 18:26

Great deal. Bought these last week. Heat

What's the expiry date on them
Tannybash13/05/2020 18:36

What's the expiry date on them

I got mine last week too , expiry is march 2022
They work for me take mine every morning at 2 minutes past 10
LOUGHBORO.GUY13/05/2020 19:00

They work for me take mine every morning at 2 minutes past 10

Mistake, should be 09.58
Nice thanks 🏻
That's good last ones I got expiry date was only 8 months left , and I got 8 months supply
TCB 6.37%
What an rrp tho
If it looks too good to be true ...........
Ordered other items. Thanks OP
Thanks ordered
Beware the (unlisted) side effects. I bought these 2 years ago now. They work, the price is good...but for me, they've had a maddening side effect. I noticed it when i first got them: they'd make me feel prickly. They actually gave me a weird waking-nightmare where as i was falling asleep, the feeling made my hand spasm and start poking my partner in the face. Yep.
I quit using them.

I'd bought them as i was working with chemicals that left my hands in a horrible state (medical equipment engineer at a company with no health and safety standards), and i'd get eczema flare ups -- the tablets gave quick relief (within about 20 minutes). About 2 months ago, i realised they only had 6 months left before expiry date, and somehow forgot the side effects, so decided to try using them one a day to help my hands heal (to stop me scratching).
About 6 days ago i stopped using them. Every day i've had that maddening prickly feeling all over. It's like a hot needle stabbing me, that comes and goes. Their listed side effects claim the usual junk listed on common medication (i.e., every ailment under the sun). But this isn't mentioned.
A quick Google shows its an uncommon-common side effect.…a1a
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Thanks for this.
Delivered today with an expiry date of March 2022.
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