60 die cast cars reduced to just £2.99 @ B&M

60 die cast cars reduced to just £2.99 @ B&M

Found 25th Jan
B&M 60 die cast cars reduced to just £2.99
Bargain for all these cars.
Harwich store had about 20 on shelf this afternoon.



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these are pretty awful. they fall apart just by looking at them, wheels and axles fall out, bottom falls off, etc.

they're terrible quality, save your money and get hot wheels, matchbox etc, these don't last 5 mins

Make a home made box frame and stick them on the wall.

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Agreed. They are terrible quality. Mostly all the same design. Although a deal compared to original price, I wouldn't pay anything for these.

agree its a deal but actually only about 5 different cars and most will hit the scrappers within days
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