60 free photos and 20% of order @ Photobox

60 free photos and 20% of order @ Photobox

Found 25th Oct 2007
amazon currently have a link to photobox which gives you 60 free photos and the code for 20% 0f is WEMISSYOU it works i have just used it!


Good discount code but I think you get 60 free prints for signing up as a new customer whether you link through amazon or not. Its on the photobox web pages as standard.

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oh right didnt know that so the other offer advertising 50 free pics an exsisting member can use?it said on amazon exclusive offer for amazon customers

Don't know about other offers just know that the amazon advert says new customers at photobox only get the 60 free prints.

But if you click the signup link at photobox
they are offering all new customers 60 free prints anyway. So basically the only reason to go via amazon is if you wish to them to make a commission. If you are a new customer a photobox you get 60 free prints to use withing 30 days regardless.
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