60 FREE prints with a possible profit
60 FREE prints with a possible profit

60 FREE prints with a possible profit

Online photo printing--get 60 free prints when you join PhotoBox

With delivery costs of £1.50 BUT if this is the first time you've used the shop you can go through quidco and get:

60p for registering as a genuinely new user
£1.50 for your first sale within 60 days of registering.


I signed up with them a few weeks ago and got my 60 prints for the £1.50 handling charge - excellent value and qood quality prints. Images uploaded about 4pm and delivered by 9 the next morning. Well worth a look.

I posted this a while ago and also is incorporated in this Free prints thread by Rayman


Thanks workaholic

Edi's link is where I found it so thanks to him for that and to rayman for his link; I got over 300 prints for less than a tenner by using the various offers there as well as three credit cards. ;-)

Thanks guys

Workaholic has added some useful information we all missed about the cashback when signing up through QuidCo though Thanks for that!

Got excited there.....thought it said 60 free PINTS.Damn.:wink:

For info, if you are already an existing photobox customer, if you type "amazon" in the promo code, you get 30 print credits!

Just an aside, apart from their stunning speed of delivery, photobox are amongst the best quality prints available. They also print lots of useful photo information on the back of their prints.

I will try this out now..

Thanks for this..i'll also give it a try.
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