60 LED Work Light 6.99 @ clasohlson

60 LED Work Light 6.99 @ clasohlson

Found 8th May 2010Made hot 9th May 2010
Found in Leeds store. Very bright. Includes mains and in-car chargers.

Rechargeable, 60 powerful LEDs. Long life. Rotatable hanging hook. On/off switch on handle. Length incl. hook: 43cm. Comes with charger for 230V and 12V. 5-6 hours of use/charge.


Nice find!

this is a GREAT DEAL I WAS LOOKING AT 1 IN NETTO FOR £12.99 only prob not one near me and dont deliver i dont think h&r added :thumbsup:

any kind of dimmer switch or setting?

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any kind of dimmer switch or setting?

No, all or nothing I'm afraid.

Just bought one of these. Incredibly bright and even has a useful hook for while you're working. Excellent working.

nice find thanks for heads up! Two for me tomorrow if any left.
heat and rep added

bought exact same thing from LIDL couple months ago for tenner its a pretty good light used it a fair bit

Got 2 from manchester today, downstairs in the hardware section thanks op.

Its a shame that they don't have many stores, none near enough to me! Really good deal aswell!!!

Ooh you could pretend your in The Outpost and searching the bunker.

This same model is selling for £37.99 in my local motorfactors

cheers for that, just picked up 2 in kingston branch, they had plenty in stock

Hot!!! Shame there's not a store near me though, and no mail order delivery either

God dammit. Another non-online shop deal that I wanted, but can't get :-(

Does anyone know of any website that does something similar on mail order?

Good deal h&r.

Got one from Croydon Whitgift Centre, met another lady who bought one of those, she spotted the deal on Hotukdeals. It's a shame Game store located downstairs didn't have any of those EyeToy cameras!
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