60% off 1000s of Beds @ Dreams!

60% off 1000s of Beds @ Dreams!

Found 26th Dec 2011
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link is broken?
Don't they always have a sale on just like sportsdirect.con. My local bores me with the promotions they have
Yet another retailer with PERMANENT sale and yet again somebody posts about it.
Bought my current bed from them in their Easter sale and it is awful. Poorest built quality I have seen, broke after 2 months and had to fight to feta replacement part. No idea how they are still in business
Their staff in the Dundee Kingsway shop are REALLY bad

We were hassled by practically all the staff in the shop at different times, we had enough and just walked out

Offered us an 1150 quid Sleepeezee mattress that was 950 in their 'sale', for 850 if we bought that day. Also tried to coax us into 35 for a 5yr warranty, and 40 quid for delivery and removal of the old mattress. Did some Googling and found out that they re-brand mattresses on sale elsewhere else under different names and charge huge prices for them. We got the same mattress delivered with 5yr g/tee for 385 elsewhere. They called it the Sleepeezee Cairo, everyone else sells it as the Sleepeezee Backcare Ultimate 2000.

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