60% off Japanese fine dining plus wine in LONDON
60% off Japanese fine dining plus wine in LONDON

60% off Japanese fine dining plus wine in LONDON

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£24 instead of £60 for an evening of Japanese elegance with an opulent three course Haiku Sushi meal and a glass of wine or shochu cocktail with nibbles at Soseki - Save 60%


ill stick to my western "sushi" thanks

typical overpriced London...lol @ the wine/drinks prices thats where theyll get you.....not far from my father in laws place too

dom perignon £290 wtf!!!!!

if its the standard stuff thats way over 1000% markup over wholesale

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It includes a glass of wine or a shochu cocktail and three course Haiku Sushi. What more do you want in this wonderful city of ours for £24.


ill stick to my western "sushi" thanks

Western Sushi, I don't get the jokeoO

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no idea why this has been voted cold !!!
Over 500 people so far today have purchased this so how can it be COLD !!!!!
Seems like a good buy to me and 500 others.

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I don't understand it. Are groupon deals allowed or NOT !!! I received a Message on here as follows
after sharing what I considered a good deal, somthing that I would be happy to find.

You've received an infraction for breaching our rules regarding self promotion or referrals.

Self promotion is not permitted on HUKD at any time. Merchants, media companies and anyone connected in anyway to the site they're promoting must use the to get in touch with us. Please read the "who can post" section in our help page here

Either we can share good deals or NOT !!!

The user who sent me the message was sigma !!!

Does anyone know if sigma is an official on here or just some killjoy.

and ... is Amibees the official groupon poster !!!! or is sigma just stirring things up.
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