60% off school wear instore @Woolworths
60% off school wear instore @Woolworths

60% off school wear instore @Woolworths

I just popped in to my local woolworths and picked up school wear with 60% off.
Its probably luck of the draw what you can get hold of, but worth a mention if your out and about.
I know alot of people will be concentrating on xmas but at these prices its a bargain.


What happens if you buy and have a problem in the New Year when the stores are shut !!

there sales are rubbish they will have to have a 90% off sale before i will go there and thats not an up to 90% off lol.

I agree that the woolworths sale has been rubbish but you still got a good deal there for your school wear. Therefore this is actually a good deal even though it is going chilly in here. I`ll add some heat to your chilly post.:thumbsup:

*up To

i bought both my lads school trousers for £1 each-bargain!!

i went into mine today (poole) they were only 40% of
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