60% off Spear & Jackson Garden Power Tools @ Woolworths
60% off Spear & Jackson Garden Power Tools @ Woolworths

60% off Spear & Jackson Garden Power Tools @ Woolworths

Woolworths have 60% discounts on the following Spear & Jackson garden power tools:

Spear and Jackson Premium Strimmer - £14.99 (was £39.99)
Spear & Jackson 1020W Rotary Lawnmower - £39.99 (was £99.99)
Spear and Jackson 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer - £22.49 (was £59.99)
Spear & Jackson 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer - £22.49 (was £59.99)

Plus 7% QuidCo too.


some of these may have been posted before at slightly different prices:
]strimmer @ £19.99
]rotary lawnmover @ £29.99
I purchased the lawnmower. Whilst probably worth the £30 I paid for it, the actual item is of low quality built in China with the packaging displaying the Spear & Jackson name under licence to Woolworths. It certainly is miles away from those old enough to recall any perceived quality in that brand. There wasn't even any brand name on the mower itself.
Asda have virtually the same item under some other non-brand name for £28. I would suggest buying the mower from Asda if you really feel the urge to buy a sub-£30 mower.
And do not be tempted into thinking that the "was" prices suggest that these items are bargains - they are probably just worth the current sales price - where WW find the original prices is anyone's guess!

I agree..I bought the corded strimmer last week..the strimmer flex runs out really quickly and is incredibly fiddly to reload. I would look at the Black & Decker one currently on offer on Bargain Crazy...much better deal.


I agree the "RRP's" on these items are almost laughable and imo are only worth what they're selling for.

I paid £21 for the lawnmower from Woolworths last month, and have a 10m² lawn which its adequate for. The grass collection box is made of very cheap plastic though and fills up at a bad angle, meaning it will only fill halfway before the grass will sit near the cutting blade and stall it.

Mine is branded Spear and Jackson.

hedge trimmer cheaper at B&Q! £19.98 + 5% quidco...
so a better buy

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hedge trimmer cheaper at B&Q! £19.98 + 5% quidco...so a better buy

That one isn't cordless though

Bought the lawnmower and a small plastic knob that holds the handle together was broken.Emailed woollies asking if they could replace the knob.Sorry take the lawnmower to nearest store and IF they have another they will exchange the lawnmower.£3.50 bus fare and lugging 56 pound lawnmower through a shopping centre was not on.Told them so they said send the lawnmower back securely packed. IT WAS NOT SECURELY packed when it arrived.All I wanted was a tiny bit of a plastic knob so I told them to forget it.
So finaly managed to get the distorted flimsy plastic grassbox together and set about the lawn.Done about ten square feet and it cut out.Grass box half full but cutter blocked with grass. Unblocked it started again half full again smoke and cut out.Unblocked it again DEAD. Spent the £3.50 bus fare and got rid of it.Spear and Jackson??????Should be POOR and Jackson.Not what the name used to be its Chineese JUNK.
Was supposed to be £99.then £49. I paid £29.very arkward to use and cost me £3.50 bus fare to return.The girl in Woolies was going to give me £49 back but I was too honest and told here to read again.


I paid £21 for the lawnmower from Woolworths last month..

only £21? that definitely was a bargain.

Thanks very much to you all. I looked at the offer just this morning after buying a petrol mower yesterday and thought I should have bought the Woolies one. But your comments made me think.

Have gone for the Spear & Jackson 18V Hedge Trimmer for £22.49 (pick up at store) - 7% Quidco (£1.57 tracked) :thumbsup:

All of a sudden there are voluminous powered garden tools from this brand. The previous mower 'review' confirms suspicion that they have obviously allowed branding their name for a quick buck. Shame really as S & P usually meant a quality product. BTW couldn't find any of these new powered items on their website.

Bought the rotary lawn mower two or so years ago under a different brand name (Champion) and still going strong. Not a bad little mower but not worth more than £30. For Woolworths to claim it was £99.99 is a bit of a joke!!
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