60 pk mcvities minis box £3.00 @ Farmfoods

60 pk mcvities minis box £3.00 @ Farmfoods

Found 7th Jan 2018
farmfoods are selling 30 pk mcvities minis box for £2.99 each or 2 for £3
that's 60 pks that works out at 5p a pack
when you work it out normally when you buy iced gems its normally
around 1.39 for a 6 in a pack ,

in eack box of 30 you get
2x6 =12 packs of mini gingerbread men
2x6= 12 packs of iced gems
6 packs of mini cookies
sell by date on my boxes are 24/2/18

so if bought on own in packs of 6 ( assuming £1.39 for each pack of 6 )
£13.90 so that's a saving of around £10
I know they sometimes have promo's on selling a pack of 6 mini's for £1 but this still saves you £7
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Oooh mini cookies, love these. Heat 👌
Great for the kid's lunchpack.... only two a day mind you!
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