£60 pontins holidays are back!!
£60 pontins holidays are back!!

£60 pontins holidays are back!!

Buy forBuy forBuy for£60
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just booked mine for next june phone 0844 576 5947 and quote B8M ,all grades available even club class dates between 8th-22nd feb,21st april and 16th may, 2nd june-14th july,1st sept and 20th oct 2008

0800 298 0117 freephone number
- deanos


looks like a bargain, can you confirm if i can book online, i have just looked on the web and it says the price is £110 - please help as i would like to book a couple of these breaks

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i think you have to phone ..ive just book 7 nights 2 breaks linked together for £60 +£60 brochure price £404 and £365 both club class..karen

wow i excited i will get onto it.. is their a certain timeframe you have to book by etc i am sorry to treat you like pontins booking centre, also is it £60 per booking or is it per person. again thanks for your help

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its £60 per booking and it says book by jan 08 but they will not be available long..karen

wow this looks like a bargin to me , whats recommended as a good venue , dont fancy camber as nothing to do in the area, is club clean ? sorry for all the questions

i have been on the phone for 7 mins and they have not answered the whole world and his dog must be phoning

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i was on the phone waiting for about 5 mins:whistling:

where was this advertised

Do you have to pay there and then over the phone?

I was waiting about 10 minutes on the phone but got a club class apartment for half term week in February at Prestatyn. Charged me £80 but still a bargain. Thanks :-D

How many people did you book for?

got a 60 one but only a 1 bedroom in feb half and a 2 bed club in july weekend

i have just booked 2 seperate breaks and only paid £10 deposit for each holiday, i am so excited thanks so much for a great find rep added

Woohoo got a club 2 bed 11th July for £60! At first the very nice lady said only classic apartments were £60 and the club 1 bed was £80 but I said 'Oh aren't there any club for £60?' She said oh let me look and let me try something a few times and came back exactly same date as before and said 2 bed club for £60! Try that guys good luck xx

Went on this last year, i presume the new brocure is out ??

Where can i see pics of the accommodation the website shows just a plan of the set up are these club rooms as good as the delux/gold accommodation that butlins have.

There are no pics m8, i will upload some if you like :thumbsup:

They aint the Ritz thats for sure,quite out of date but are ok


There are no pics m8, i will upload some if you like :thumbsup:They aint … There are no pics m8, i will upload some if you like :thumbsup:They aint the Ritz thats for sure,quite out of date but are ok

Thanks some pics would be wicked.

They aint the Ritz :giggle:

Can i use this for any parks they have?

Self catering parks only

i have a question ? do you have to pay in full for these hols or just a deposit ??


£10 deposit, pay rest in January

Just booked mine, 7 nights at Hemsby Club grade ground floor :thumbsup:

i just phoned and got the exact dates i wanted and where i wanted. it was easy as pie!!!!

thanks to the person who posted this

BRILLIANT, thank you, just booked Fri to Fri for £120 + £10 for ground floor accomadation in club class, :-) there is going to be one happy 5 year old not to mention a 30 ish year old.

Got a 1 bed club class for feb 11-15th (half term) in hembsy for £60 bargain!
Heat n rep added thnx

looks asthough we are all going to be in hembsy on the ground floor in feb half term!!!

if the person who posted this is there i will gladly buy you a drink. cheers

hi can anyone tell me what its like at brean please?


Found these pics will save me … Found these pics will save me uploadinghttp://forum.holidaywatchdog.com/15369-Norfolk-Pontins_Hemsby-Holiday-Photos-10034.html

Thanks mate

Phoned up and it was going to be £100 for 4 days at bream half team 18 feb so left it as coming from london would have put the cost up to much still a good price for half term but not for me this time.

We booked for april and june at the £60 rate. We had the offer through the post this afternoon. A family of 5 for that much is fab.

Does anyone know if Southport is any good.

Does this mean 60 quid for say a family of 4? , or 60 pounds each.

my kids went there with their dad a couple of years ago but said it was rubbish and dirty,shortly after it was on something like britains worst holidays and i have heard it closed and was done up after that!im thinking of booking there myself as prestatyn is too close and the restare too far so southort would be the 2nd closest!the kids told me there is a fair near the park


Does this mean 60 quid for say a family of 4? , or 60 pounds each.

per family:thumbsup:

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We went to preststyn last year when this offer was on and had a fab time , we was in club class and it was spotless , as soon as they sent the flyer to me this morning i was on the phone to book for next year...cant comment on other parks but prestatyn was fine , lots to do and we got £75 of vouchers to use i.e money of food and drinks too which was very useful in the bars :w00t: (dont know whether we will get them next year though).
It is a 5 min walk from the beach which was very clean.
I have booked mon-fri and fri to mon linked up for next june as we found a mid week break wasnt long enough to go to all the places we wanted to go too.
karen x

Nice one thanks , i think il go book then. Do i need to say anything on the phone? .

yes quote b8m

booked a week in hemsby, then looked at the Pontins website ... no pictures of the sight. Quick google and I was cancelling ... a bit gung ho as per usual ... let this be a warning.:-(


Is Blackpool included, the number is just ringing and ringing,

no its not,it rings 4 ages!!!!i dont want to go now after reading reviews!i asked if southpot had been done up and she just said "all i can tell you is there is on going work on the site!

hmmm was thinking of doing Brean sands but having seen the review i think i'll give it a miss.
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