600ml de icer spray can £1 @ poundland

600ml de icer spray can £1 @ poundland



Very good for when it's cold.

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Cold.Very good for when it's cold.

Yep down to -15

Great deal on a January morning.

32573690-8gDf2.jpgDecember 25th 2017

were 25p earlier this year

All these -15 degrees deicer are no better than a bit of warm water. If you want something that works better try Prestone (-30 degrees) from somewhere like Tesco or for the real cold try K2 Alaska ( -70 degrees).

Used this didn't find it very good quite slow in melting after using a lot of spray


It’s been available for years. I’ve bought enough of it

Make your own. 2/3 Surgical spirit 1/3 water in old plastic spray bottle.

Cannot recall the active ingredient in meths or surgical spirit, but they sell l it over the counter really cheap in the states, but for some reason not over here.
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