60x40 canvas print for 15.50 incl delivery @ bonusprint

60x40 canvas print for 15.50 incl delivery @ bonusprint

Found 13th Dec 2015
MSECANV11 promotional code or 19.50 off any large canvas . They are also doing 50% off your first order but this offer works out cheaper as it includes delivery.
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Excellent price. Anyone used them before and vouch for quality?
Bonus Print used to be known for its quality, only stopped using them so much because of price, sounds a very good deal here thanks.
Wow sounds great. There's been a few canvas print deals posted in last week or so, I think I might try this out too. Cheers!
Great price - just ordered!
Ordered. Bargain price and guaranteed delivery for Christmas if ordered b4 midnight on 15th.
Great price ! Ordered . Heat added
Ordered very much appreciated OP
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This is exactly what I needed, thanks OP!
It's hanging on "Finalising Order 0%" for me. Any1 else with that issue?

edit: Seemed like a browser issue - sorted now ty OP
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Just received mine... great quality, great size!
The promotional code works on all sizes of canvas. I have just ordered my 2nd one, they look great.
I just received 2, and have ordered a third and an a4 100 page photo book for £19 delivered based on the quality!!
thanks op! can you pay extra to have them wipe able at all? cant seem to find an option to pay for that for extra, thanks
Just ordered thanks
I've recently placed order, and received delivery within 10 days. The quality is amazing and i will be ordering another one.
could I get some help please? link doesn't seem to work and I cant see an option for 60x40 size?
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