64 Pantyliners 8p in Tesco
64 Pantyliners 8p in Tesco

64 Pantyliners 8p in Tesco

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One for the girls .............

Obviously not a bargain if you don't use them ........... but if you do - this is a fab price ................

Picture is of a similar porduct - same make.

fab mse find by bev_b

Today in Tesco they had boxes of 32+32 'interlude' pantyliners reduced from 33p to 16p then 8p.

(i have tried these and they are fine !)


.. And they make a fabulous insulation for tramps on cold April nights..

i think PORDUCT in your description is quite apt made me smile

they also have twin packs of sanitary towels for 10p..heat added

Yea my pants are about worn through - might get some of these ; save buying new ones

Anyone watch 3 in a bed last night? They showed a new use for these - bed masks at night!!!

cheap coffee filters. heat added

That reminds me, I must get the painters and decorators in.

these are great stick one on each day and you will get away with only wearing one pair of undies all week, no need to boil wash my Ys on a sunday now, im off to buy as many as possible

at this price you can throw afford to them away after each use!


Excellent BBQ beer mats, heat added:D

trisham3838: Great pic, the lads in the office give you a thumbs up!

are these 1080p


are these 1080p

No there 8p

No such thing as HD pantyliners you know..:p

They could also be used as post its!


trisham3838: Great pic, the lads in the office give you a thumbs up!

i bet they would give me the thumbs down if they seen me a week before the painters are due in..grrrrr ..ive seriously came close to burying someone under the patio,only thing thats stopped me is the mortgage needs paying lol

got the last box, phew by the seat of my pants...

(and chuckled at OP's review of them, *shudder*)

rofl ...its threads like this that keep me smiling all day .... haven't thought of using them for half the ideas although it does make sense especially as bbq beer mats ... definite conversation starter anyway haha heat added op

they are also good for covering up new tatoos that you get done when on holiday,but only when your on holiday,that way no-one knows you...

and also good for when you get your belly button pierced and its still a bit raw and keeps catching on the waistband on your jeans..and if you got killer heels,a wee liner folded in the heel area should help ease the chaffing lol
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