64GB Crucial RealSSD C300 6GB/s - £109.99 shipped @ Dabs

64GB Crucial RealSSD C300 6GB/s - £109.99 shipped @ Dabs

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EDIT: 08/09/2010 Now approx £117 shipped. Turns out free shipping was only offered over August bank holiday weekend.

Product description..

Designed with high-speed synchronous MLC NAND, advanced controller technology, optimized NAND management, and the SATA 6Gb/s interface, these drives dramatically improve data transfers for bandwidth-demanding applications like audio and video.

The improvement in boot time and application load times push performance to new levels at the desktop too. You will experience improvement across a variety of common tasks such as viewing and editing photos, video, music and other media, gaming, communications, productivity and security.

Crucial RealSSD C300 series employ a standard hard drive interface and dimensions, so it is an easy storage upgrade for most notebooks.


Cold for me none in stock


Cold for me none in stock

It does state: 3 due in 3-4 days

70 MBps (write) mucho slowness

I get 60MB/s copying files between 2 Samsung F1 Point drives so this isn't that much faster to justify the huge difference in cost for me
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that all you get?
i get 90 meg over my lan
nevermind hd to hd

Write speeds are not the point of an SSD. It is read speeds you should be interested in. The Crucial is the fastest SSD on the market for read speeds and the first with SATA3 for a 6GB/s interface. They are designed as boot drives and as such will be used over 95% for reading.


It does state: 3 due in 3-4 days

Selling just 3 at £109.99 in 3-4 days does not make a deal!

How did this get HOT? none for sale!!!!!!!!!!
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I assume is 6 Gigabit/Sec not 6 GigaByte as its written.

I have one of these, it's a great operating system drive.
Hot from me

The write speeds definitely aren't so great for a SSD. But the read speeds make up for it for a drive at this price (360MB/sec) in comparison to drives in this price range that is pretty good. Better to sacrifice write speed over read speed... Need SATA 3.0 to take advantage of the speed though, which could incurr more costs for older motherboards...

Good piece of kit and good price, just a shame about the stock levels...


I get 60MB/s copying files between 2 Samsung F1 Point drives so this … I get 60MB/s copying files between 2 Samsung F1 Point drives so this isn't that much faster to justify the huge difference in cost for me

I get 95-120mb/s copying between my two F3's. I still want an SSD for my OS and main applications for the read speed.

Geez that's still too expensive for me.

Ooooh, I know I'm going to get flamed for this... but has anyone tried one of these instead (for the same price, £109.99)...?

Seagate 500GB MomentusXT Hybrid SATA3

It's basically a 500Gb SATA hard disc, with 4Gb of something-or-other memory built-in. Every review I've read praises on it, and says it's a better bet until SSD prices come down to something reasonable.

Oh, and they're in stock at Dabs.
Hopefully not for the wrong reason...


This SSD is only for those with a Sata III controller otherwise the OCZ Vertex 2E is the better deal.

With Quidco/TCB cashback, Crucial UK is the overall better option. Note that CB is applied to the pre-VAT price :

dabs direct = 110.00/1.175 [less VAT] = 93.62 x 0.97 [CB] = 90.81 x1.175 = £106.70
Cruical UK = 115.14/1.175 [less VAT] = 97.99 x 0.93 [CB] = 91.13 x 1.175 = £107.08

38 pence more for immediate stock from the manufacturer as well as maintenance of warranty issues [where applicable]. Crucial is having their resellers on the branch-swinging party. “Look Chumps, take it or leave it”.

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good drive, the guys sayin that hdd is better cause of the write speeds are a bit narrow minded and dont understand the advantages of ssd.
you dont need high write speeds for a boot drive, the os does little writing but the majority is reading, so the very very high read speeds make a very fast boot. the other advantage is the extremely low access time like 0.2 ms compared to 8ms+ from standard hdd, this is noticeable in everything you do.

ssd wont be good for storage, hdd is the best for that but if youulr pc is feeling sluggish then an ssd is most likely the best cost effective upgrade!

I have one of these in my dell xps m1330 so far i haven't had any problems and runs really quick. Only one question if anyone knows is when i do a disk cleanup now and then there are around 150mb files to be cleaned up where as with my previous 500gb drive there used to only a few mb files waiting to be cleaned up after a few days. Anyone had the same problem?


that all you get?i get 90 meg over my lannevermind hd to hd

No, you get 90 Megabits

Not 90 Megabytes

Good spot - says back in stock 5-7 days...

I think not I have had Gigabit Ethernet hard wired in my walls since 2000
And im in the process of swapping out my cat5 cable for cat6
for 10 Gigabit i have replaced 4 of the 7 main links around the house
That then plug into switches


No, you get 90 MegabitsNot 90 Megabytes

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Basket Value: £109.99 inc vat

Delivery: £12.50 inc vat
Total: £122.49 inc vat

that is cheapest option available to me.

so bought directly from Crucial

1 GBP97.99
Subtotal GBP97.99

Tax GBP17.67

Shipping GBP2.99
Total GBP118.65
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