65 Piece Meat Hamper £50.70 @ Muscle Food

65 Piece Meat Hamper £50.70 @ Muscle Food

Found 1st Oct 2016
65 pieces of high protein meat including 24 large chicken breasts 200g with no added water), 4 steaks, 4 burgers, 12 sausages, mince beef and 20 meatballs.

Price includes chilled delivery.

Use code RHFITNESS15

Code can slso be used on all other products and offers I believe
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The spam I get from this company is unbelievable.
Not the edible spam, unfortunately, lol.
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Any particular reason for this going cold?
Their large chicken breast are the best. Better than supermarkets and as I don't have a 'real' butcher near me I can't compare with one/
Does it come in a sack dripping blood on the shoulder of a hunk?
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