66-70% off French Connection watches @ Amazon

66-70% off French Connection watches @ Amazon

Found 22nd Feb 2010
Mens and Ladies watches - prices from £22.10 delivered!


that watch in the image looks great, a very good price too. hot!

But where is it on the site?


But where is it on the site?


Nothing that floats my boat, but someone may find something they like! Not voted cold tho

would anyone question a pair of jeans by Casio?
Stop being fooled by 2nd rate so called 'fashion' watches.

It's £20 Fuzzy yes about the cost of a round of drinks....for a spare watch that can be broken, lost without any concern it's a super bargain !

Well spotted OP - ordered one.

don't trust the images too much-i ordered a French Connection watch from amazon and it didn't look exactly as the image- check in a store first then order through Amazon if you still like the watch

I just had to post about this watch - in a word fantastic !!

I simply cannot believe they can sell a watch of this quality for just over £20. I was close buying a Georg Jenson for nearly £600 with 50% off recently but i prefer the look of this French connection watch. They could sell this all day long for £100 and nobody would bat an eyelid over the price.

If you fancy a new watch but think you can only buy {[email protected] at this price, think again....incredible quality !!

Thanks again to the OP - sometimes you don't have to pay the earth for something that is lovely...as an Alfa Romeo owner I guess I already knew that. !!
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