6.8m x 5m Festival tent/marquee  £167.99 @ makro, preston

6.8m x 5m Festival tent/marquee £167.99 @ makro, preston

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LocalFound 31st Jul 2016
I saw these a week ago at the store. these things normally cost about £330 on sites like amazon. the one in question in a culcita one. never heard of the brand but I can tell you from looking at my own one that I picked up today they are very nice and feel very good quality. parts like the feet unlike on ones I have had before are held on with bolts and not just friction and the top is stretched using some springs to give it a nice quality finish. I set mine up in my garden but had to take it down very quickly due to the weather as I didn't want it getting wet on a test run. anyway it is fully waterproof and is VERY spacious.

only thing to note is that the store I went to only had six left (so five after I bought mine). and you will need a makro clubcard to purchase one. I'm also not sure if it is this store only or others as well.

id also like to point out this is more of the type of tent that the organisers at a festival would use... I have only called it a festival tent as that's what it says on the label... *THIS IS NOT A FAMILY TENT FOR SLEEPING!*

here is a photobucket link with some more pictures including some of mine..

Edit: noticed the url wasn't working so set it as the image url...

Edit: put "g o o . g l" where the stars are in the url... that should work... :-)

Edit: I noticed that the "get deal" links to makro's website.... don't bother with the website as it wont show up (for some reason).
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sorry... I thought it would add it on its own :3... its at makro preston... ill edit it now (might be a general makro thing)
Hi Ray,do you still have pics of this tent? As they are still selling them in makro but I wanted to see some pics of it up
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