£6.99 Delivered for a 5-Piece Knife Set worth £125.75 at Jean Patrique Kitchen & Cookware

£6.99 Delivered for a 5-Piece Knife Set worth £125.75 at Jean Patrique Kitchen & Cookware

Found 31st Aug 2010
Professional Knife Set Only £1.99 (£5 standard delivery)
"To introduce you to the exclusive Jean-Patrique Kitchenware range, our 5-Piece Stainless Steel Professional Chef’s Knife Set - RRP £125.75 - is yours for only £1.99. Yes, really...only £1.99!"

Important: When you go through to the checkout standard delivery will be £9.99. If you navigate away from the checkout page (for example click your back button in your browser) a pop up box will offer 50% discount on standard delivery. Select the cancel button and the site will automatically apply this discount, then go through the checkout as normal.

Seems like a good deal. It appears to be on offer until 30/09/10 so will report back when my order arrives. Included with the knives is a 25 year guarantee.

DIRECT LINK: jean-patrique-cookware.co.uk/995…CCJ

The go to deal button seems to take you to a similar can opener deal.
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Curious why this cold? looks pretty good?
I am wondering the same, can cold voters please explain?
From a member of MSE.....
''Please beware this company! I bought the knifes on offer plus a block from them the other week. The order arrived followed by yet another duplicate order. I phoned them explaining I had only made one order for knifes and a knife block. They apologised and told me I would have to return them and pay postage myself to which I was very upset as I knew I had only done the one order. Then yesterday another duplicate order arrived so I immediately phoned my bank who advised me the money had been taken and there was another lot pending from this company. I phoned jean patrique yet again to be told they were having problems with internet sales and were very sorry about what had happened but were sorting it out. They then had the cheek to offer me a 20% discount on the unwanted orders I'd received if wanted to keep em!!! Of course I was extremely furious and told them I wanted an immediate refund and requested a courier pick them up from my house to which they have agreed to. Then to make matters even worse another payment has been taken again today for another order that I haven't even received!! Another call to jean patrique this morning with yet again a load of bull from them about their system going wrong and that they are very sorry and will refund me, but I'm not very confident this will happen anytime soon!! Up to now I have paid near on £100 for my initial order ''

And someone else......

''I have ordered these knives. The set i ordered arrived and were fine. I now keep getting emails advising they sent out duplicate orders and my card has been charged again and the knives have not arrived. . Have tried emailing them & they advise to return them for a full refund.. but there are no knives to return so no refund..

Please do not order from this company ''
Ok thanks. Well I will report back here anyway once I get them.
I'd cancel your card if I were you. Not worth the hassle.
I am taking a punt on these. My HUbby is a bit of a knife officionado, so no doubt he will be appalled. Never mind- was only £6.99

I am taking a punt on these. My HUbby is a bit of a knife officionado, so … I am taking a punt on these. My HUbby is a bit of a knife officionado, so no doubt he will be appalled. Never mind- was only £6.99

You truly are a shrewd buyer.
really attractive offer and the best thing to do is pay by paypal,i dont think that can be duplicated.
These knives are constantly punted out in the sunday papers and are ok for price but no where near worth the £100 mark. They blunt easy and the metal handle I find uncomfortable in the hand. You get what you pay for I guess!
£1.99 + £9.99 postage is an obvious scam! If you respond to such an offer, stop complaining.
What's the old comment about "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!!"?

I've been looking for some knives of a well known professional brand and they're nowhere near this price, even after tracking down the cheapest. Do people really think £6.99 can deliver quality goods? Surely not?
thanks saw this on quidco and thought id google the reviews thanks for adivce guys
"bought the knife set and it was badly damaged, what a palava"

bought the original knife set, after going through the purchase pages, I ended up with a knife roll, and block too, when the stuff arrived, which it came quickly considering I hadnt secombed to the additional £8 postage, the roll was very badly damaged, not only damaged as though it was in the post, but it had been snapped off and the extra bits werent even in the package, so it was obviously packed in such a state
I then emailed them, after 7 days with no reply, I rang the premium rate number, and was told to return it and wait for a refund or replacement,
Im still waiting, will never buy from again they are rubbish
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