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Posted 2 January 2023

Large Size Pizza's - £6.99 - Collection Only (Select Stores) @ Pizza Hut

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Collection only deal - 6.99 £'s Large Size Pizza's @ Pizza Hut

Not sure if it is nationwide. But try with your post code / location on Pizza hut website to see if the deal is offered at your nearest pizza hut. Definitely worth for 6.99 £'s in 2023.

But I will have to say that the amount of toppings and cheese and sauce have come down drastically.
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    So after reading the comments it's London only, change title to London only save us all wasting our time
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    Cold £8.99 in mine. List the branches you can get this in, stop us driving there to find no deal !
    Apologies, I thought I made it clear... Enter your post code and check if the deal exists.

    Pizza Hut website >> Collection >> Deals >> Look around for the 6.99 deal. If you see one, then order online and collect it at the shop.

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    Not in Cardiff either !
  4. Avatar
    £8.99 in manchester
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    £8.99 in "Glasgow" too, but at the one it suggested. Never tried others & forgot to check where it picked.

    Giving the posts here a quick scan suggests the £6.99 deal only happens in London. (edited)
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    Used to be £6.99 near me but went up to 8.99. And that is when i stopped buying them. Extra 2 quid is just a bandwagon money grab.
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    Pizza Hut in my eyes was the worst of the pizza providers. But I think I may have worked out what to do lol. So Papa John's, Domino's, Pizza Express all offer a thinner base. So when I bought Pizza Hut I started to buy the thinner base and it was garbage. But what was Pizza Hut known for? The Pan. So my mum said get the deep pan and you know what it's bloody damn good lol. I thought it would be heavy and too doughy. It's not. It's great. They also seem to load up more topping if you buy a Deep Pan. So... Order a deep pan and it's worth it.
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    Working in London Surrey Quays (edited)
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    Large 🍕£6.99 only at London Canning Town branch. Great deal. 👏
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    Would the op care to comment on a store that has this offer?
  11. Avatar
    Large Size Pizza's
    What is "pizza" short for? Curious apostrophe usage. A case of the "oh no this word ends in an 's' what do I do?" methinks.
  12. Avatar
    When it says selected only… anyone found a selected one yet?
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    🫣 but I promised myself to cut down on pizza….oh well that didn’t last long.
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    Not in Durham area ☹️
    Every offer I see is guaranteed not to be at Durham pizza hut. It's a total rip off there.
    Thanks for saving me from looking again (edited)
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    Store specific deal I think.
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    £8.99 at my local
  17. Avatar

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    Can anyone confirm if their Vegan/Veg Pizza menu is truly vegan (no cross contamination)? Thanks (edited)
    Vegan pizza ugh
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    £8.99 in Milton Keynes
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    my local pizza hut does £8.99 for any pizza collection. usually, pick one up on my way home on a friday as a treat.
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    8.99 at my nearest. still not a bad price for a large pizza.
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    Well, I for one am pleased that London benefit from this - about time they got a break, they get overlooked so often
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    Not in Edinburgh
  24. Avatar
    Sadly not in leeds
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  26. Avatar
    £9.99 at my local
  27. Avatar
    Not in Loughborough sadly
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    Not near me.
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    £8.99 in Newcastle.
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    £9.99 in Rochester Kent.
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    Not in Swindon
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    Not anywhere
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    stop voting "Down vote" guys... It works for some...
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    This doesn't seem that cheap based on the quality of pizza they offer.

    We were very lucky to lose our Pizza Hut and have it replaced with two branches of Apache and Four Star. Just a different level of quality.
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    Bethnal green one is 8.99 any size pizza
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    Just a “buy one get one for £2 for me.”

    The initial pizza being something stupid like £35 or the suchlike.

    Looks like a user exclusive deal. Cold, sorry.
    Mate... it is not user exclusive deal. FYI...It was available for anyone who would order from this store. I did a screenshot from the website. But I believe it was trimmed by admins...
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    Not in Wokingham 
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    8.99 in Plymouth
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    My local is a tenner...I've always noticed these Pizza Hut deals are a waste of time
    In your opinion, which pizza shop offer better deals ?
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    Not in Rugby. £8.99 here
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