6ft Christmas Tree, Lights and Decorations - £20 @ Tesco

6ft Christmas Tree, Lights and Decorations - £20 @ Tesco

Found 11th Nov 2009
Tesco are selling:

6ft Artificial Christmas Tree (Green), a pack of 60 lights and a pack of 50 decorations (Bauble etc) for only £20 when bought together. This is a saving of £20. There was a picture in todays newspaper if someone can post it?

Seems a decent deal.
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great find
If only it was ready-hung!
Is it only instore?
good deal, but 60 lights won't look good!
i saw this in the paper today, if you buy all tham individuly it would cost £45(apparently)
I see this yesterday in store they had one on display, looks ok but the tree don't look very bushy.
Still a good price though
Yeah, it is in-store only I think. Looked at the advert again and it doesn't say "Also at Tesco.com".
I saw these yesterday, my other half wants one but they looking a bit bare! Even the tesco value tree's looked better quality!
Mmm, tasteful.
its in my tesco's brochure, it says all this for £20: 60 low voltage clear indoor lights £6, red/gold decorations 50pack & a 6ft canadian tree £25 if bought seperately its £40 but when bought together its £20.
i was tempted but want to know if we can get the decorations in different colours as im not keen on red :s anyone know??
Has anyone got the product code for the tree please? Thanks.

Had a look in our local tesco store at corstorphine edinburgh and tesco direct as well don't seem to be in.
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