6ft Deluxe Christmas Tree B&M stores £9.99

6ft Deluxe Christmas Tree B&M stores £9.99

Found 5th Dec 2012
£9.99 is great for a 6ft tree. The picture looks better than the £20 and £50 ones I have seen at Asda too.

Decorations aren't included.
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Great price got a store opening here Saturday so will pop down thanks op
Ohhhh Thank you, I have been looking at trees for days now, will be going to look tomorrow, HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!
Anyone got one?

Can you post a pic up so we can see the quality of it.

Would be much appreciated.
i was in B&Ms today,their "deluxe £9.99 tree" is only worth £9.99 (if that)...and its looks nothing like the pic you have posted,or the pic on the actual boxes that the trees are sold in....its very pittiful thin and bare looking...cold from me
Bought this earlier, worth £9.99 I'd say.
It's a fake.
Gonna be shocking quality isn't it. Last about 2-3 years then it will be good for the skip.
Its worth £10 nothing more. About the same quality as all the other £10 6ft trees they have in Tesco, B & Q etc
if its you first christmas in a house get this, then get one in the sale afterwards? its alot cheaper than a real one so heat added
same price its been for the last 3 years, when i got mine and is a decent tree for £10
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This tree is really not worth £10. This tree goes down to £4.99 EVERY YEAR without fail when it gets to about 19th December... that's how s**t it is. If you can stretch to an extra £5 buy the £15 tree from tesco! It's great quality... really full looking and had lots of comments since I put it up on Saturday!
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