6ft Fibre Optic Christmas Tree for £29.99 @ 24Studio

6ft Fibre Optic Christmas Tree for £29.99 @ 24Studio

Found 27th Oct 2012
Was supposed to be £149 which is a rip off

Use code 030 or 040 for 10% off and free delivery


Looks a good deal mate. Might want to add merchant to title.


You have to open a credit account with Studio before you can buy.

28 day delivery

I ordered something similar from 24Studio which supposedly had a huge discount, when it arrived it was only worth the 29.99 I paid, On the picture in the catalogue it looked a lot bigger and better quality. I only had it a year before it decided no matter what I did it refused to stand up straight

is it only one colour change...ie the white /yellow..was looking for multi colour fibre optic..
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